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It’s a story left behind in an elevator, or carried gently on a breeze. The kiss of fragrance on a lapel, in the yellowed pages of a diary or folded into a handkerchief.

All Side Story fragrances begin with clean, natural ingredients. A ‘farm-to-fragrance’ approach preserves the character of each of our botanicals. We only use synthetics when they are the most sustainable option available. Each bottle and lid was crafted by hand in Italy and can be recycled or reused. We never use plastic in our packaging.

Our parfums are created to last. Each scent will linger on the body or on a garment, leaving a captivating memory of the wearer in their wake. Inspired by stories, the fragrances stand outside time, unconstrained by seasons or trends.

It is never perfume for perfume’s sake.

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Side Story strikes a fine balance between luxury and accessibility that is largely missing in the perfume market. On one hand, we use fine raw materials from Grasse, Provence, and other exceptional sources, and we collaborate with skilled master perfumers such as Jacques Chabert and Argeville who elevate the concept behind each fragrance to a form of high art. On the other, each of our ‘stories’ is meant to resonate with consumers on a universal level and we have consciously decided to price the fragrances at a more reachable price than brands with similarly high manufacturing standards.