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Road Trip | 100ml


Story: Escaping + Dreaming
Style: Amber. Woods.
Stone: Rosso Francia, Languedoc

They knew where they were going, but neither seemed to mind the impromptu detour
along the way. Undulating fields of sage and lavender tumbled out into the distance before them, the car drifting over the landscape like a ship on the open sea. Uninterrupted sky stretched in every direction.

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Dive headfirst into a getaway, leaving everything else behind. An escape to pure contentment, a place where dewy mornings fade into lush and lazy afternoons, and nights belong to bonfires and blankets of stars. Sparkling, bitter citrus gives way to herbaceous notes, pepper & spice, and green neroli, coming to rest in warm vanilla and sandalwood like the welcome embrace of a humid summer evening. The fragrance of feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair: flirtatious and fearless and free.

Top Notes

Petit Grain (Bitter Orange) / Peach

Middle Notes

Neroli / Pepper / Clary Sage

Base Notes

Vetitver / Sandalwood / Coconut / Vanilla