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Hotel Lobby | 100ml


Story: Anticipation + Attraction
Style: Woods. Green.
Stone: Nero Marquina, Basque Country

It was a ten minutes before 8pm when he arrived. He had been there before, but its resplendence never failed to catch him off guard. Modish floors patterned in ebony and ivory marble, deep armchairs in dark, buttery leather, a chocolate Steinway piano, and the amber lights of old-world libraries. The bar was the kind of place Hemingway might have lingered a little too long, lights glittering on the crystal and glass. Hushed conversations, each one layering the next.

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Check in to the place where time stands still. A headlong fall into romance, at once ephemeral and enduring, beautifully captured in amber. Smoky Oud and dark fig leaf unearth the mysteries of time. A hint of spice teases an untold history. Elegant sandalwood and earthy vanilla, as smooth and warming as a fine Scotch. The fragrance of watery silk, woody cypriol and supple leather, the meeting of yin and yang. Coquettish and assertive and absolutely timeless. When you know, you know.

Top Notes

Fig Leaf / Oud

Middle Notes

Pepper / Patchouli / Cypriol

Base Notes

Sandalwood / Coconut / Vanilla