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Third Date | 7,5ml


Story: Fervor + Connection
Style: Green. Floral.
Stone: Rosso Levanto, Liguria

What did she like about him? Her friends wanted to know. She raised her tea to her lips as she paused to think, then smiled, feeling rather sheepish. How could she choose any one thing and not list them all? She hardly knew him, of course—tonight was only the third date. But there was such familiarity between them, as if they’d known each other a lifetime ago and were simply catching up.


Carried away with delicious feeling. The exquisite vertigo of a first kiss. A sudden flush of cheeks, and weakness of knees. Sensuous plum and burnt ginger mingle with tuberose blossoms. An intoxicating musk kissed with dark vanilla lingers into the next morning. Rich, heady, and deep, a fragrance for captivating conversations, serendipitous late nights, and enraptured beginnings. Distractingly full-bodied, and instantly intriguing.

Top Notes

Plum / Ginger

Middle Notes

Tuberose / Patchouli

Base Notes

Vanilla / Musk