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4PM Matinee | 100ml


Story: Ambition + Realisation
Style: Green. Woods. Amber.
Stone: Giallo Siena, Tuscany

Make a name for yourself. A rush of possibility: eyes wide, heart full, head spinning. Coy florals and spices try sophistication on for size, dressing up the sweetness of youth with elegance and earthy refinement. Old Hollywood glamour meets contemporary character, sparkling with fresh curiosity. Sidewalks lined with trees & wild thyme. The scent of striking out, on your own, in the big city. The thrill of seeing your name in lights. A fragrance for singular characters, hopeless romantics, and incurable optimists.


Tradition, thoughtfulness, and authenticity are part of the DNA of the Side Story brand. You might call it ‘slow perfume’: we take time to source xceptional ingredients, use handcrafted glass and stone packaging, and collaborate with legacy perfumers and manufacturers. There are perhaps easier ways of doing business, but we think that you can sense the difference when you hold a Side Story bottle in your hand, feel its weight, and take in every nuance of its scent profile.

Top Notes

Bergamot / Cardamom / Nutmeg / Thyme

Middle Notes

Geranium / Lavender

Base Notes

Vanilla / Styrax / Vetiver / Musk